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Whilst upgrades on laptops are limited, there are changes that can be made to improve performance and storage capacity.

Memory (RAM) - This is probably the most popular and cost efficient way of improving your laptop's performance.

Processor (CPU) - In some cases, there is a possibility of changing the processor for a significant increase in performance. Examples would include upgrading from an Intel Celeron to an Intel Pentium Dual Core processor, from an AMD Sempron to an AMD Turion or by simply replacing the CPU with a faster one of the same type.

Hard Disk - We can replace your existing hard drive with a higher capacity drive to give you more storage space and possibly improved speed. Our service can also include transferring all your required data from the old drive onto the new one.

Operating System - Changing the operating system on some laptops can offer a significant improvement in performance. We are currently able to offer upgrades and downgrades on all versions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.




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